“Puck stop it. Just let it go.” i said to my already pissed boyfriend who’s driving the car. “Damn it kat dont tell me to fucking get over that okay!” he yelled, slamming his fist on the wheels. okay, time to back off and shut up before he kills me or something.

We were having lunch at the cafeteria when my ex boyfriend, also Puck’s enemy, Chad came over to fuck around. “Yknow Puck, tip from me, your girl likes it from be…” Chad was saying smugly and Pucks fist came out of nowhere. Now he has a busted left eye.

He slowed down to a stop at the red light and we just sat there in all awkwardness. “Look im sorry okay. baby.” he said, not looking at me. I didnt respond. “Its just hard for me to stay cool when some fuck talks shit about you” he added and looked at me. what was i suppose to say?

We entered his apartment and he threw his bag on the couch. “Hey, hey, you forgive me right?” he said, bring me close to him and staring into my eyes. i stared into his, long. “I do its just that…” I said, pulling away from him. “Look im so sorry and it’ll never happen again. okay?” he pulled me back and kissed me. “Okay. Now lets get you an ice pack.” I said. Puck smiled and kissed me again

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“hey dyou want a ride to school?” puck asked as we exited from the building. “arent you picking shelly up?” i asked casually. “we broke up” puck said, looking at me. “oh no, puck, when?” i asked, sorry. puck’s a great guy and he really did loved shelly. as far as im concerned. “last couple of weeks. but im fine now.” he said, looking down. “so, up for a ride?” he asked, bouncing back and giving me a disarming smile. “yeah. thanks.” i said. ” no problem” he smiled.

so the story was puck got into last years regionals and shelly was always alone and decided to try her luck with jeremy. “it was my fault anyway, i mean, i neglected her” Puck said coming to a red light. “oh puck, its not your fault you were busy.” i tried, squeezing his arm lightly. “thanks cupcake” he smiled and we’re off again.

scene 5

“thanks for the ride puck.” i smiled climbing off his motorcycle. “thank you. i mean, i feel like a whole load of weight has been lifted after the talk.” he smiled, helping me with my helmet. “no problem. if theres anything you need help with just knock on the door” i smiled and walked off. “i will.” puck smiled and went the other way

“hey artie, where monique?” i asked my friend during english. “oh she didnt tweet you? dentist appointment” artie said, looking at me. “oh” i said and settled down beside him. then cook and his gang entered

“oh look what do we have here?” one of them, turk, smirked. “4eyes and the snotty one” he added and the gang laughed. “peer tutoring my ass.”
cook said and pushed artie as he walked to the back of the class where
assholes belongs. “wheres the fattie?” chloe asked, pouting her pink lips. “shut up” i said, annoyed. “oooooooooh” the gang teased.

“man theyre such assholes” artie said after class as we were walking to the cafeteria. “no surprise” i said, checking my blackberry.

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Scene 3: Apologize

the next day i went to school wearing my grey dorothy perkins skinny jeans and a vneck maroon long sleeved top from miss sixty. my long reddish brown hair was tied into a lose ponytail with a pompadour and i wore glasses. i wore crocs mary janes in black and grabbed my manhattan portage sling bag before going out of the house. make up was au natural today with a little bronzer that highlights my natural, arabian like features. i wont let some stupid comment from cook bring me down.

i was locking the door of the apartment when someone said “hey there kat” it was Noah Puckerman, or Puck, he likes to call himself. im sure. i turned to see him in his glory, white vneck, check, grey diesel staright cut jeans, check. leather jacket slung over one shoulder, check. “hey puck, long time no see” i smiled and the both of us head to the elevator. “really? i always see you around though. at school. with your friends” he smiled handsomely. “really?” i asked and the elevator door closes. “really.” he smiled. akward. “so i heard cook asked you for help? with his stupid grades?” puck asked, raising an eyebrow. i nodded. “well, you better not get too caught up with him, hes not exactly…”puck was saying. “not exactly?” i asked. “your type. hes not youre type, trust me” puck smiled and were on the 1st floor.

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Scene 1: Introduction

i was walking down the hallway to my locker when someone called my name. “hey kat! kat! wait up!” the familiar voice called. i turned around to see jamie cook, or cook, as everyone calls him that. “whats up?” i asked, pushing the side of my hair behind my left ear. talking to him always gives me goosebumps. maybe its because i have this enormous crush on him since 7th grade. we’re seniors now

” hey uhm, i heard you do peer mentoring? is that what its called? for literature?” he said, scratching the side of his head, the way jocks does when they feel awkward. “yeah, every saturday. why?” i asked, looking up into his intense green eyes. “well coach says i need to score an average b for every subject in order to stay on the team and my lit is pathetic.” he said, looking at me. “so…” i said, urging him to come straight to the point. “so then he said you could help me improve my grade. what do you say?” he said finally. oh my god, one of the schools hottest guy is begging me to tutor him. fuck yes! “sure, saturday, 10PM in the auditorium” i said and turned to walk away before i piss myself or anything.

Scene 2: Peer Mentoring Cook

“So cook is really coming?” my friend Monique said, doubtful. “yeah i guess. but even if he doesnt than i wouldnt really care. i mean, you guys are here.” i shrugged. “i dont think he’s going to turn up kat, i mean, it is a saturday you know.” artie, my other best friend said, pushing up his glasses. oh wells, big surprise

it was only at 11.09AM did cook showed up. “sorry guys, got a little something to do.” he said smiling like he did nothing wrong. “mhm” monique said and continued doing her essay. “seriously…” artie mumbled to me while we sat there doing our own stuff. “so…kat…what are we doing today?” cook pulled a chair beside me. the nerve. “did you atleast bring your textbook?” i asked wearily. cook smiled widely and said “course i did.” and pulled out his english literature text book. it looks brand new. we started 6 months ago

“okay so you know scout was…” i was saying, highlighting chapter 4 with him of to kill a mocking bird and he yawned, right in my face. “look doll, i dont think this is working for me..”he said lazily. then artie stood up, looking pissed. “no you look, pal. we’ve been listening to kat try to imput some knowledge in your dumb to function brain and the least you can do is try to pay attention.” he almost yelled. everyone went silent. monique gave me the “oh, oh” look. “look artie its okay, really. its not my loss if he’s going to get kicked out of wrestling.” i said, not looking at cook. “wait a minute wait a minute. are you bunch of losers ganging up on me? oh my god. you know what kat, i dont need this peer tutoring shit from you. i’ll find a better teacher thats atleast pleasent to look at!” cook blew up and stomped off. ouch

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